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Soup Mix Recipe

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Optional: Wash and rinse the beans, soak over night.  Drain the water and add fresh water or broth.  Read recipes below:
Cooking time approximately 3 hours but great in crosk pot on low all day.  

1 Package my Original Signature Soup Mix With Seasoning
3 carrots, sliced
Chicken Broth or vegetable broth
Salt and pepper to taste

*You can add other vegetables to this soup.  My favorite additions are chopped Kale, A Sweet Yellow Onion, and extra chopped celery.  (there is dehydrated celery in the seasoning mix)

Salt pork, or bacon add a lot of flavor.  Use one salt pork diced or three slices of bacon chopped.  You can partially precook the bacon to cut down on the fat or skip the meat all together.  My preference is chicken broth.

Rinse and sort soup mix.   

Add chosen ingredients all together in crock pot, slow cooker or sauce pan.  
Add enough broth (chicken or vegetable) to cover beans plus about four inches.  Add the seasoning mix and cook for  3-4 hours or until tender. (I leave it in the slow cooker all day on low) This is a thick hearty soup.  You can adjust the liqiud in accordance with how thick you want it.  This can be done in the crock pot or on the stove with low heat.  Don't leave it too long without checking the thickness.   If you leave it in a crock pot or slow cooker as i do make sure the liquid level is 4 to 5 inches above the beans.  It will fill a crock pot to the top when cooked.