The Jalapeno Relish is most excellent.  I took a jar of it to give to my friends in Ensenada, Mexico.  They loved it.
Brian M.
Chandler, AZ

I ask why use Arizona Spices?  The answer is in the list of ingredients on the container.  The word "salt" has a tough time getting into most of the products.  The new "Jerk" seasoning is great.  My wife loves it on fish and pork.  The flavor is right on.  Also, I like the level of "heat" in each product.  Medium is medium and hot is hot, but not so hot that your mouth loses all the other flavors in that container of seasoning.  Arizona Spice is well worth the purchase price.
Bob DE

It is so nice to finally find natural products that you know are fresh.  They make all their own stuff right on site!  Highly recommend.  I especially like the jalapeno relish and BBQ mixes.  They also carry Hatch NM Green Chili.  Hard to find in Arizona!
Chris B
Apache Junction, AZ

This Place is amazing me and my wife purchase all of our spices and salsa from this company. The owner of the company is always there and super helpful and nice. She creates, blends and bottles all of her own products on site so you know its fresh. You can taste a huge difference between her stuff and the junk I used to buy at the store. They also bottle there own salsas they have sweet salsas and one of the hottest and most flavorful hot salsas Ive ever. They have dip mixes you can just add to sour cream and I think I even seen some habenero jelly.  Its more expensive then the dollar spices at the store but you can actually taste this stuff....and its GREAT!!!!
James J.
Mesa, AZ

Reviews Where do you start? The Raspberry Chipotle Jelly is great, but then the Chipotle Black Bean & Corn Salsa is to die for. Now after you rub in the Hickory BBQ Seasoning Mix, proceed with applewood smoking of your pork butt. When the pork is finished and you have that pile of pulled pork in front of you, I suggest the Sweet 16 BBQ Sauce. No, no, I think a light sprinkle of Ghost Pepper Seasoning Mix on the breakfast eggs is the best. I am having problems deciding so I am going back to do more testing. You can not believe the thickness of the Raspberry Chipotle Jelly. More testing.........
Bob Z from Delaware   October 2012

Dear Arizona Salsa Company,
       My girlfriend was recently up in Showlow at the market, and bought me a jar of the extra hot salsa.  For the last few years I have been trying many different types of salsa to find the one that really has a great bite/burn, but at the same time still maintain flavor... all heat and no taste is too common with hot salsas.  I have to say, I think my search is complete, your salsa is by far the best I have ever had, and I'm not saying that to blow smoke or suck up... it's really that good.   I just wanted to drop you a line, and give guys a compliment, it's very much deserved.  Keep doing what you're doing.


           This was some of the best salsa I’ve ever had – homemade, store or restaurant.  I served it at a holiday party and had lots of requests for where I got this from.  I sent them to your website!!
           We would like to order for our program.  I’ll be in touch by end of week regarding quantity and shipping/pickup.  Thanks so much!!!

Phoenix, AZ

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