Arizona 18  - Ghost Pepper BBQ Sauce.  Rich, thick and Very Hot.  .
Arizona Spice Company Nutrition Facts. 
I have compiled this page for your information.  Many people ask about salt, sugars, etc.  So here are the facts.  We have many products and I will add to this until I have them all.  Check back or email me if you don't see what you are looking for. Click on the product picture for more information.  

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Peach Perfect salsa.  Perfectly Sweet & Spicy
Arizona Red SauceCheck out the recipes page for this one.   Use it for cooking, dipping mixing and a marinade.
Versatile sauce made with Hatch NM Red Chili and spices.  
Pineapple Salsa.  Plenty of Sweet Pineapple with just the right amount of chipotle.  Great marinade for salmon or pork
Sweet 16 BBQ
Made with Hatch NM Green Chili and 15 other all natural ingredients.  A rich flavor that will dance on your taste buds.
Tomatoes is first ingredient, not ketchup.
Green Ghost  
Seasoning Mix
All Purpose mix of smoked  ghost pepper and New Mexico green chile. Heat seekers salt and pepper.
Arizona Salsa Mild, Medium Hot, Habanero and Ghost Pepper Salsa Nutrition.  These salsas all contain so many peppers that you get as much Vitamin C as you do from oranges.  And in only 2 Tablespoons!  Low Sodium, great flavor and no fat!
Habango Hot Sauce

Sweet mango and spicy hot habanero peppers make this great sauce that is good on chicken, pork, fish tacos.   

Roasted Green Chili & Garlic Salsa

Medium Heat.  Great flavor that goes on just about anything. So flavorful it pops on your taste buds.
Roasted Green Chili Hot Sauce

Hatch NM Roasted Green Chili, plenty of garlic, and a few hand picked roma tomatoes make this all purpose hot sauce.  You might want to buy two as it is addicting!
Angry Chicken Hot Wing Sauce - . Contains Ghost Pepper, Hatch NM green chili. It is a great all purpose hot sauce.

About Us

Black Scorpion Hot Drops is the hottest little sauce we make so far.  With the sting of the Scorpion and the bite of the Ghost Pepper it is sure to please the heat seeker.  Flavor first as always.  Made in a base if white wine vinegar.  
Dragon Fire Drops (Formerly called Jolokia Drops) is very flavorful with smoked ghost pepper and a base of red wine vinegar.  And Zero sodium!
As you may have noticed each size package has a different serving size.  you need to always take the serving size into consideration when you are checking nutritional values.  This is true with any food.  Serving size is key.  
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Salt Free Seasonings:

Arizona Jerk, hot or mild
Signature Chili Seasoning
Salt Free BBQ
SW Seasoning
Italian Seasoning

Salt is never a first ingredient in our products.  We do not use any fillers, chemicals, preservatives or anything else you wouldn't use at home.  MSG is never in any of our products.

We use fresh, pure ingredients with Home Made Easy recipes.  

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​BBQ Seasoning Mix
Chipotle Seasoning Mix
Italian Seasoning Mix
Mexican Style Seasoning Mix
Vegetable & Salad Seasoning Mix
Green Chile Seasoning Mix
Habanero Green Chile Seasoning Mix
Seasoning Salt