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Home Made Easy Breakfast Sausage.  Mild or Spicy
Breakfast Sausage Mix- Mild

Breakfast Sausage Mix-Spicy (our spicy is pretty hot)

All you need is your choice of 1/4 Cup mild or spicy breakfast sausage seasoning mix and 1 lb of ground pork. Simply mix well and form a patty. Cook in fry pan until well done. If the pork is lean add a tablespoon of olive oil and a tablespoon of water. Also great cooked on the grill as patties for sandwiches.  A change from burgers.  

*Ground chicken breast or ground turkey can be used as an alternative to pork.  Be sure to add the olive oil and water or chicken broth if you use chicken or turkey so the patties don't come out too dry.  

You can use more or less to taste.  Cook one small piece after mixing to test for spice and flavor.  Remember our seasoning are bold as we use no fillers, no MSG, no anticaking.  We use all fresh ingredients as it should be.  

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